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The Charlatans

Different Days Special Edition 2 X CD Album

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Release Date: 08/06/2018

Discs: 2

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The Charlatans’ #4 album “Different Days” special edition comes complete with a brand new 4 track E.P. from the band. The Charlatans have reached a higher state of grace. Twenty-eight years since they first bagged a Number One album with “Some Friendly”, they’re still achieving fresh career highs, dreaming up new music that redraws their own map, increasingly assured of who they are as a band. 

1.Hey Sunrise
3.Different Days
4.Future Tense
5.Plastic Machinery
6.The Forgotten One
7.Not Forgotten
8.There Will Be Chances
9.Over Again
10.The Same House
11.Let's Go Together
12.The Setting Sun
13.Spinning Out


1. Totally Eclipsing
2. Standing Alone
3. Indefinitely in Your Debt
4. Hopelessly Hoping