Buy Online The Charlatans - LIMITED EDITION: Modern Nature + The Remixes (2x 180g Clear Vinyl)

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File nameType
Track 1 - Talking In TonesAudio track
Track 2 - So OhAudio track
Track 3 - Come Home BabyAudio track
Track 4 - Keep EnoughAudio track
Track 5 - In The Tall GrassAudio track
Track 6 - EmilieAudio track
Track 7 - Let The Good Times Be Never EndingAudio track
Track 8 - Need You To KnowAudio track
Track 9 - Lean InAudio track
Track 10 - Trouble UnderstandingAudio track
Track 11 - Lot To SayAudio track

The Charlatans

LIMITED EDITION: Modern Nature + The Remixes (2x 180g Clear Vinyl)

Double Heavyweight LP £18.99

Release Date: 04/12/2015

Discs: 2

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Limited Edition Double 180g Heavyweight Clear Vinyl Including Remixes LP

This limited edition is a reissue of Modern Nature on clear double vinyl.  LP1 contains Modern Nature and LP2 contains six remixes, some previously unreleased, from the likes of Nik Void and Gabe Gurnsey from Factory Floor, Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre amongst others.

Side 1
1. Talking In Tones
2. So Oh
3. Come Home Baby
4. Keep Enough
5. Tall Grass
6. Emilie

Side 2
1. Let The Good Times Be Never Ending
2. Need You To Know
3. Lean In
4. Trouble Understanding
5. Lot To Say

LP 2 – Modern Nature (Remixed)
1. Come Home Baby. Factory Floor – Nik Colk Void Remix
2. Trouble Understanding. Factory Floor – Gabe Gurnsey Remix
3. So. Anton Newcombe – Brian Jonestown Massacre Remix
4. Come Home Baby. Simon Fisher Turner – Joy.Izzy Remix
5. So Oh. Grumbling Fur – Astral Ark Mix
6. Talking In Tones. Grumbling Fur – Tonal Nagual Fur Star Liner Aquatic Ape Mix